Generation Z Characteristic and How To Catch Their Attention

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After the legendary millennials, what’s becoming the next hot topic is Generation Z. This generation is people who are born between 1995 to 2009. Their characters are different than the previous age group. They breathe digital and think digital. This makes them tend to have shorter attention span due to the high exposure to social media from their early years. Although their attention is lesser, Gen Z are able to do multitasking better. The down side of being surrounded by technology is it impacts Gen Z’s tendency in purchasing behaviour. Their expectation are higher than the older people and expect brand to be loyal of them instead of the other way around.

However, from marketing side, the growth of this generation is very promising for the industry. They are currently 22 years or younger. In the next two years, this age group is predicted to be 40% of the market. This is such a potential market and to grab them, you need to understand Gen Z from now.

Since they have a distinctive characteristic, marketers really need to adapt to the way Generation Z absorbs information and interacts with each other. Here is how you can get closer with this unique generation.

Be Quick In Revealing Your Brand Message

This younger generation grows up with internet and they are the true digital native. They are probably the most avid users of social media as they can check their accounts 100 times/day. No surprise, Gen-Z is continuously exposed to so many contents. For this reason, you need to convey your message clearly, so they can grasp it quickly before they are distracted by other subjects.

Use Real People

One of Generation Z’s distinctive characters is that they embrace individuality at the same time they are more global than any other generations. This makes them don’t really follow idealised traditional standard. Instead, the members of Gen Z keep looking for authentic source that reflects their own self and view. Using real people in your strategy can be effective because they offer more uniqueness and individuality that makes it easy for Gen-Zers to relate.

Use a personal touch to attract Generation Z. (Source: Freepik)

Use a personal touch to attract Generation Z. (Source: Freepik)

Be Engaging and Involve Gen Z In Your Activity

One of the ways to grab the attention of these youngsters is by involving them in your marketing activity. They love updates and always want to catch up with what’s new. By giving them place in your activity and listen to them will give a sense of belonging and appreciation. Ultimately, letting them in also makes the Gen Z audience more responsive to your brand.

With all the attributes that Generation Z has, you can begin to measure what you are able to do to be in their radar. The main thing is you have to step outside and give a personalized approach to successfully catch their attention.


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