What Will Be Digital Marketing Trends In 2018?

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It’s already the end of 2017 and we will arrive in 2018 in no time. For many people in digital marketing, these days probably are the busiest time because new strategy for the next quarter has to be prepared.

Speaking of which, what will trend in 2018 in digital marketing? We have gathered some predictions for you! Let’s see what will be happening next year in digital industry, especially content marketing so you can add or modify your marketing plan with the most updated trend in 2018.

More Transparent and Realistic Contents

We have to admit that the rise of millennial generation give a significant impact in advertising and marketing industry. This generation does not accept ads or subtle promotion entirely. They choose to receive authentic and transparent branded contents. This kind of view also affects how customers in general see ads.

To anticipate this, brands need to publish honest and realistic content. This can be the key to the heart of potential customers. You can use more reviews published by social media influencers, bloggers, or news portal to gain more awareness of your product.

Live Streaming Video

Live streaming actually is not a new thing. However, it wasn’t something that could be done and seen by everyone because it was mostly on TV. After that, the rise social media really changes the live video game. Now anyone with smartphone can do this trend that previously was monopolized by big players.

For brand itself, the simplicity and easiness in broadcasting live video offered by various platforms such as Facebook and Instagram of course has a lot of advantages. Without having to deal with technical obstacles or mega budget, you can reach your audience in real-time. Besides, the engagements you can gain from this strategy looks great as well.

In an insight provided by Facebook, live video grabs more audience than the usual video. There are also more interactions in this type of contents. The probability of users leaving their comments in live video is ten times higher. This condition makes you need to consider broadcasting live video more often in 2018.

More and more live videos in 2018

Source: Freepik

Temporary Videos

In previous quarters, content marketers tend to use a general yet evergreen content that will always be relevant whenever people access it, be it next month or next year. This makes sense because you can use this kind of content again later to gain engagements or drive higher traffic.

Sudden appearance of Snapchat gave a new way of posting. Here, users’ posts only last for 24 hours. This acts as a revolution in content industry, especially when Instagram also provides the feature in their app (known as Instagram Story), and later followed by Facebook. Controversy towards Instagram Story didn’t stop them from blasting it. They even become more serious with the launch of analytics for Instagram Story. Here Business Account can see impression, reach, completion rate and so forth.

Online Experience Personalization

Flash back to the last few years, personalization in e-mail marketing has been done by digital marketers. They did it with automation which makes them able to adjust their content by the characteristics of their target audience, such as online behaviour, interest, and demography.

Along the journey, personalization doesn’t only occur in e-mail, but the entire online experience for both B2B and B2C. The effectiveness of this method is proven in a research by Salesforce. The research shows that 70% of B2B consumers and 58% B2C consumers think that personalized experience is one important factor for them that may even lead to conversion phase. In later years, we can expect that digital experience will be more and more personal and no longer generic.

Users will get more personalized online experience next year

Source: Freepik

Those are a glimpse of what will become the ‘hot’ things in 2018. Do you already have an image of what campaign you want to run next year?


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